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     Defy Gravity,
                            Sleep on Air

The world's most advanced, multizone, programmable

air mattress with 421,875 possible comfort combinations,

you’ll never have to choose between plush or firm.


6-zones of advanced, customizable support

                                  No two days are the same, and the same can be said of nights. With the Therapedic AirTouch mattress, you’re in complete control of how your mattress feels. How? Three independent support zones on each side of the AirTouch provide complete customization options for both you and your partner. The AirTouch allows you to adjust the firmness of these zones as you please. By changing the levels of firmness in your mattress, each part of your body can help relieve neck or backache, leg cramps or even sore feet. Our programmable controller also features a convenient memory button so you can return to your preferred settings anytime.

7-zones of conforming foam comfort

Therapedic’s exclusive layer of extra thick foam features seven zones of comfort that will cradle you to sleep each night. This design enhances the ability of the foam to conform to every part of your body, from head to toe. Our comfort layer works in conjunction with the adjustable support zones to help maintain proper spinal alignment, reduce sleep disturbing pressure areas and improve circulation throughout the body.

Whisper quiet technology

Sleep on our AirTouch mattress and you won’t hear a thing; the air pump is designed to run only when you want it to, assuring you of peaceful night’s sleep. When you adjust the firmness of the mattress, the ultra-quiet, high performance pump delivers 50 liters of air per minute to quickly achieve the perfect setting in any of the three zones. The easy-to-use control features a large backlit LCD panel, so you can easily customize your bed, even in the middle of the night.

Reduced motion transfer for peaceful sleep

On an AirTouch mattress, you can still get a restful night’s sleep with a partner tosses and turns during the night. Our exclusive transition cushion (rail in middle) ensures that you will not feel any motion transfer or comfort deficit, no matter how you’re positioned on the bed. Moreover, the perimeter rail design adds extra stability, expands the usable sleep surface and provides a firm seating edge.

Quality construction for peace of mind

AirTouch Mattress air cells are made from medical grade, antimicrobial material. The unique, full-tube, I-beam construction is bonded at the molecular level to provide durability that far surpasses other air mattresses. Additionally, our air mattresses are made with high-density polyurethane side rails, imported fabric covers and premium upholstery materials, ensuring many years of quality sleep.



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               Manufactured in Denver Colorado USA