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Additional support where you need it's BackSense


Our exclusive HourGlass polypropylene insert increases support and firmness by 18% at the shoulders & hips and 13% at the lumbar area. This flexible technology can be combined with virtually any coil unit to offer improved performance and added value at any price point.

• Exclusive, enhanced support grid increases firmness  in critical areas. 


• Open spring design provides progressive resistance as weight is applied, improving support where body weight is centered. 


• Zoned coil configuration allows for the density of coils to vary across the sleep surface in order to offer tailored support to every part of your body.

Maintain proper spinal alignment

Research has shown that anatomically correct support for your spine helps keep your back healthy and can have therapeutic benefits.

To maintain proper spinal alignment, our HourGlass Back Support® System provides zones of support for the different regions of your spine. This allows you to rest in a completely neutral position for optimum rest and recovery.

Unique coil design

These zones of support are further enhanced by our patented reactive coil design. As weight bears down on individual coils, they respond with increasing support. The result? By conforming to the shape of the body and providing balanced support from head to toe, our BackSense mattress gives you the uninterrupted sleep you need



                   Manufactured in Denver Colorado USA

For product information visit BackSense